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Scaffolded Social-Emotional Learning for Elementary Children

How It Works

Set Intention
Follow Guided Activity
Reflect Learning

We Believe

Children can develop self-awareness skills to be better prepared for learning and overcoming obstacles.

Suited for Children

Build with children in mind.

Guided Corner is a digital application that empowers 6-10 year old learners with opportunities to explore self-awareness and mindfulness.

What the Families are Saying

Self-awareness practice is the mediator towards self-care and well-being. Learners who regularly practice self-awareness can maintain a calmer and more neutral emotional tone to remain more positively engaged with classroom tasks.

“My child wanted to use Guided Corner when he first got back from school.”
- Mom of a 7 year old boy
“I really like the videos in Guided Corner. My son has learned is talking more expressively about his feelings.” ”
- Parent of a 7 year old girl
Thoughts are like trains. They come and go. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to get on the train.”
- A 10 year old boy
“I learned to sort my feelings.”
- A 7 year old boy